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Port of Zealand

A port that looks beyond the horizon.


At the Port of Zealand we offer more and have a broader range of operations than a traditional port. We offer total solutions in the field of logistics and can handle your entire transport chain, from start to finish. Our water depth of 18 metres, our ice-free location, direct links with both T-route and highway combined with a short approach enable us to offer our customers unique opportunities and efficient service. And we do that around the clock, all year round!

Our Services:

Operations at the Port of Zealand are based on bulk goods for coaster and ocean-going vessels, combined with individual shore facilities and logistic solutions. We have focus on customary services for each and every one of our customers, detailed and unique for their requirements. We can assume total responsibility and offer packaged transportation solutions that create added value and peace of mind for our customers.

Vessel noticification

“On the one hand, there is an interesting degradation and recycling task in the work, and on the other, Stigsnæs Transithavn is one of the deepest in Europe, and there is great potential in developing and operating this port. The partners that are part of the consortium possess a unique competence in the areas to be deployed on the site. So we are very much looking forward to the task. “

Klaus Peter Riggelsen

Director, Rimeco

“The port has a unique location on the chart, and the port’s depth and great hinterland mean that there are great opportunities for development and for attracting customers from both home and abroad. We are pleased to be part of a consortium with a number of large, old Danish companies, each with a unique knowledge in their field. “

Mads Kloster

Director, Kloster A/S

Head Office

Holtengårdsvej 14, 4230 Skælskør Denmark

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